Sunday, August 22, 2010

The dirt unswept


Not a bad loss. Still in that place where losses can't make me very happy, but I expect that will change when I get under 135. I hope. I decided to wait and do progress photos when I reach the halfway point (about 132) so there's a more noticeable difference from my start photos.

Today's fast has gone well thus far; but I have to leave for work in 15 minutes, and that'll be the real challenge. It's always so easy to buy a bunch of shit food when I get off work and binge while everyone's asleep. But that's disgusting and ineffective and a huge waste of money that I don't have.

If I want to reach my goal by Oct 4 (the day I started this mess almost nine years ago) I have to lose six pounds this week and next, then five pounds each week until the fourth. I can't make any more stupid mistakes.

In light of this, and after reviewing my planned diet, I've decided I really don't need any days that go over 300 cals. That's just unnecessary. Tomorrow I start with 100 cals; should be a breeze.

Alright, now I'm off to work - here's hoping I can hold on to my willpower. :)


  1. Willpower for the win!
    Hope work isn't too dull :)

    Xx. Lillie
    (P.s i have a new blog. if you want to check it out. If not, that's fine :)

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