Sunday, February 28, 2010

Plans we made together, almost buried in the sand

There's really no point in having an anonymous blog if you can't even be honest there.

Because of this belief, I have a tendency to avoid posting any time I'm doing poorly. I don't want to face/admit to failure, and it would be stupid to lie, so I just shut my eyes and turn away, figuring no one will notice in any case.

Well you know what? That's a perfect example of why I keep screwing up. If I can't even be honest with myself and face my problems like a grown-up I will never, ever get what I want. So I'm going to do my very best to post here every day, whether I'm doing well or not. I have to be accountable to something.

In light of this, I'm compiling a list of the things I need to do every day, and will award myself one success point for each item completed.

1. <250 calories
2. Cardio
3. Weights
4. Blog
5. 6+ cups water

It's not that much, and it's not that hard. I want to shift my focus and enjoy the small successes I have every day instead of trying to be impossibly perfect. It's going to take time to lose weight, even if I do everything right, and I can't keep letting myself get discouraged when I'm still fat after a few days of fasting. My unrealistic expectations are completely ridiculous and need to be squashed, pronto.


  1. Do you have a prize or a reward if you accumulate so many success points? That could actually be a really cool idea lol. Just sayin.

  2. I'm actually considering it - I need to think of a good prize. I tend to just buy things when I want them (screws up reward systems as well as my finances), so I'll need to stop myself from doing that. ;)