Saturday, January 23, 2010

So start again with steady hands

My biggest problem is impatience. I can't lose forty pounds in a week, and I know that, but I'm so sick of being fat that when I don't see any visible progress I get discouraged. And that is when I'm more likely to succumb to binging, which derails any progress I might have made.

I re-pierced my tongue yesterday (only took twenty minutes to force the jewelry through this time; I must be getting better at it), and my frustration at the fact that it becomes slightly painful if I talk too much is what prompted my musings on patience. If I can't even wait more than a day for my tongue to get used to being pierced, how can I expect myself to lose weight?

So I've given myself a two week waiting period, and I have no choice but to stick to it. I'm giving my tongue two weeks to calm down, during which I will subsist on a liquid, zero-calorie diet. Water, tea and diet soda it is. At the end of this two weeks I will check my weight, and maybe seeing a larger drop then will be better than seeing a miniscule drop each day.

My reward for sticking to this two-week fast will be a two-night trip to the ocean (in all likelihood by myself), which will add a few more days to the fast. When I come home from the trip I can decide to continue fasting or allow myself a couple hundred calories per day. I'm hoping I can stretch it out into a 40-day fast, because that would be impressive.

When I wake up on February 5th having stuck with the fast I can officially say the trip is a go. I'm thinking I'll go on a Wednesday & Thursday night (so Feb 10-12) so I don't have to worry about any weekend crowds, and of course I have to be in town on Tuesday nights for Lost.

I'm on day two now, and it would be really nice to make it past three days. So here I go!


  1. I think you will be able to stick to your fast really well-all of your posts are brimming with strength! (I wish i was this strong~)

    and if you slip up then just keep going, learning from your mistakes...then you can have a lovely trip to the ocean :)

    just remember, whenever your feeling impatient about your weight loss (which we all do at times) that all of the waiting is for something amazing, and imagine all the great things you will think and feel when you reach your goal. you can do it! think thin x

  2. Great luck on your fast. My biggest problem is being impatient too. I can't wait any longer to lose my disgusting fat.